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  •    Strive For Development On The Basis Of Quality !
    Company Profile

    StrongFlex is a professional manufacturer and exporter of power transmission products in China. For over 15 years, StrongFlex has been Supplying domestic and international customers in scores of industries with the hydraulic hose, hydraulic fittings, rubber hose, PVC hose, air hose, PU tubing, PA tubing, pneumatic fittings, conveyor belt, conveyor roller and idler.

    For one-off projects to high-volume production quantities, StrongFlex continues to provide a wide variety of fluid power, mechanical transmission and compressed air products to OEMs, end-users and resellers in virtually every sector and market. 

    StrongFlex has transformed itself into a modern enterprise that has its own industrial establishments and foreign trade corporation. We currently invest and share three factories in China.  

    Featured Products
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